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The recent spike in popular awareness that not all bacteria are evil —and that many are good and necessary to human health—has created a sort of fascination with live cultures and fermented products.

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Kombucha is a sugar-sweetened tea black or green that has been mixed with yeast and bacteria and then given time to ferment. The entity looks like a pallid slab of human subcutaneous tissue, or a shiny undercooked pancake. The mass-market U. As the importance of gut microbes in health has come to light, sales of live-bacterial products like kombucha suddenly have seemed to offer some explanation for long-held health beliefs. Part of the idea is that ingesting life microorganisms is good for the balance of the ecosystems that live in our guts, commonly known as the gut microbiome.

These beliefs are at the center of the marketing strategy by the largest producer of kombucha in the U. All of this I know , and yet I buy kombucha occasionally, because I started to like the flavor, which is sometimes worth the financial regret. You feel on top of the world.

In other words, kombucha contains alcohol. The yeast consumes the sugar, fermenting it into carbon dioxide and ethanol. I became acutely aware of that when I got carded for buying a bottle. The first time it happened, I laughed.

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October 1, Manifestation expert, Dr. For roughly a century after the Constitution was ratified, private property, contracts and free internal trade within the United States were sacred. A Manual for Developing Humans is filled with surprises. He has been recording and publishing messages not only from the spirits of the other world but also from the guardian spirits of those who are still living. Skin color is a proxy for that behavior.

But the young man behind the counter looked back at me dead seriously and pulled the bottle back toward his green smock. This was at a Whole Foods in Brooklyn. But it made me curious.

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What am I actually drinking? Asking that question lead me into the world of kombucha production that took me all the way to Washington, sharing a bottle on the steps of Congress with a U. In his office in DC he showed me a picture of him having a kombucha with Cindy Lauper. In , there was a federal crackdown over some hyper-fermented bottles that made news. Samples of several brands were sent to the University of Maine, Crum recounts, where tests showed alcohol levels of 0. Beer tends to be around 5. None of that is legal to be sold to minors; the U. Whole Foods pulled kombucha from its shelves until it could figure out how to proceed.

Crum describes this as a devastating blow to the industry just as it was taking off. Though that added costs for kombucha producers, things seemed to be clearing up for the industry. But then, again, in , a series of kombucheries received warning letters. Polis came to the rescue, issuing a stern letter back to the TTB. It is the last and longest book of The Orpheum Trilogy. The Happenine Book again recounts Raymond's life, teaching, and revelation, but this time through a posthumous collection of manuscripts and tape recordings, augmented by the Great Sage's paintings, drawings, and photographs.

This collection, left behind by Raymond "for all of us to find", presents a kaleidoscope of narrative and non-narrative forms ranging stylistically from traditional to postmodern, each embodied as space-time capsules of experience, or "happens", the identification with which is an illusory presumption of the separate "self" and therefore a fundamental error of human beings, which must be transcended.

His primary interest in writing this study was to address the implications of the modernist effort to reduce art to sheer plastic and technical manipulation of words or paint or the "medium," in any form , thereby achieving a "meaningless" artistic communication. The Books of Adidam: Overview. The greatest gift anyone ever gave me was a book Written by this Great Avatar. The greatest event that ever occurred in my life of now 74 years was the heart-connection with Him, with Adi Da Samraj.

Should I live to be , I could never repay the many Blessings He has showered upon my life. And it just keeps coming! Thank You, Beloved Lord!

You have no idea what it took to make these Books. There is not even a single word of "bullshit" in any of My Twenty-Three Books. Not a single lie or variation on it.

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Not a single untruth or suggestion of it, not a moment of withholding of the Most Perfect Loving Communication of the Being. Not a moment of denial of the esoteric Truth, to anyone born. No regulations, no fences, no common, ordinary, everyday language, in the sense that Truth has to be reduced to some sort of "picture-story", to somehow convince you that life is about love. That is not what My Books are about. My Books are a Free and Absolute Revelation, without the slightest cavil, withholding, or irony. It has been My Intention to Speak My Word so clearly, so profoundly, that no being on Earth, or anywhere else, could be deprived of Truth.

It has been My Intention to make Books of My Word so profound that the mere reading of them could convert any being on Earth, or anywhere else, from the ego-possessed life of mortality and darkness, to the life of Divine Love-Bliss — without the slightest qualification, in the case of any being that moves or is. For Me, it is a single thread of Argument, a single Conversation, without the slightest softness of mind, lack of comprehension, or forgetting. It has been a consistent, every-day, twenty-four-hour-a-day, Conversation with Me, for all these years.

From the night I Sat on Melrose Avenue and Spoke , to this night, it has been a single Conversation, in which I do not regard any being to be a fool.

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I just cannot do so. That is why I Speak as I do.

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Because I take everyone seriously. Always have. So these Books are My Personal Word to each of you.

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And to every being, from now and forever. My Personal Word.

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Lots of Words! But I think you can dig the Company, right? I mean, you cannot read five, ten, fifteen of My Books, and still remember them all. You have to go back and read them some more, and the rest of the Twenty-Three. And then there is all the supportive texts.

You people have a lot of reading to do!

Is Fermented Tea Making People Feel Enlightened Because of ... Alcohol?

I am Talking about detailed reading and practicing, day after day, all your life! So, My Intention with these Books is to Give them to everyone, not to have them in My room, nicely printed, merely.

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They must fall through your hands to everyone on Earth, and fall out of your mouths to everyone on Earth — and everywhere else. Because sooner or later, all of you will go everywhere else. Remember Me, and you will bring Me with you, and serve beings.

Not a fraction of what is required for your Realization of Me has been denied to you. Nor will it ever be. So these Books go to all, with My Blessing. I am not talking about something that is merely logically so. What I am Revealing is not a matter of theory, and not a matter of ideas. My State corresponds to What I otherwise philosophically Propose.

I am not merely speaking philosophy in the academic sense, within the domain of mere ideas. To read or Listen to and understand My Divine Avataric Word is to be Acausally Released from having to exercise the egoic vision and separate and separative "point of view". Therefore, read, and Listen to, and recite, and feel rather than merely think the Words of My Divine Avataric Message. Here is a video introduction to some unique characteristics of Adi Da's Teaching:. The need for regular study of Adi Da's Teaching. An interesting aspect of Adi Da's Teaching is the need for regular study, if the Teaching is to be effective in one's practice, because of the profundity of the Teaching itself it can take a while to grasp , and because of the force of the ego:.

You cannot confront My Reality-Teaching only once a month. You must deal with it in some form every single day, because a new form of the ego's game appears every single day. You will buy your game every single day. Therefore, you cannot have read one of My Books last month and still have it working on your behalf, because you only remember a few key phrases.