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So, still thanks Mr. Martin for his service. God Bless him always. But I also still disagree with his thesis. Of the remaining teachers, how many are really going to be that diligent about training?

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Now, say you do have armed teachers in a school. Almost all the deaths in this shooting and most others occurred in the first minute or two after Cruz started shooting. How do you propose that the volunteer weapons handling teachers run out of their classrooms abandoning those students! There are not one-room school-houses.

In the chaos, the armed teachers would be very lucky to identify the shooter correctly and then, in that chaotic environment, what are the odd of a clear shot?

A False Sense of Well Being (Ballantine Reader's Circle)

I have researched police training levels nationally. Based on reports of surveys of police training academies, recruits receive on average 70 hours of firearms training, with most of the firing being at static targets, although some moving target-moving shooter training is done by many academies. Continuing firearms training looks to be about twice a year for a total of 15 hours on average. But that is only when police department budgets are good.

When budgets get cut, ongoing training is one of the first areas that get reduced. Some do it only once every two years.

Officers assigned to SWAT type units seem to do a lot more official formal training than the general police patrol officers. As Sgt.

Martin states, that level of training is not adequate to be effective. It is just the minimum to keep up appearances of being qualified. I think many police officers do additional firearms training on their own, but that is time consuming and expensive for the officers. No way to know how many do the extra training or how effective their training programs are.

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If it is simply firing more rounds at static targets, it would not be that effective. I have spent 2 decades at Fenrir Industries. That is a ridiculous thing to say, Bob. How dare you. Your response has me so furious that my fingers are shaking while I write this response.

I am sorry to say that I feel that until guns themselves have been outlawed, these types of massacres will never end.

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Seriously, Bob? How dare you suggest kids fight back rather than be slaughtered like cattle, bob. How dare you bring up the fact that most police officers are not as well trained as people think, bob. You should be placed into an immediate re-education center. THEY have no problem at all wasting anybody they want, man woman child, on every part of the earth outside this country, in order to get whatever it is they want… that they believe more valuable than foreign human lubes…like oil, gold, poppies.

You really think the Govt here cares about a few kids? I assure u they do not. Matt, Thanks for serving, and for the pain you endured for all Americans. As a fellow Vet, I concur with your article, with one exception. A Vet such as yourself has the maturity and experience to carry and defend your students.

That is exactly what the Israelis did and have no problem with their schools. After all, the people who commit these crimes generally know where the security is, and whether it is going to be able to respond in time. As you probably know as well, Matt, that officer is probably also not the very best one they have on the force. In Florida, it was one armed person, who may or may not even have been on campus, depending upon which report you read.

In fact, as that one teacher said, he thought only the mentally slow or dimwits went into the military…something you and I could easily refute, but he doubled down when challenged. Suspect he feels the same way about cops…except when he needs one. A civilian businessman does not just throw money at a problem if he wants to be successful. He figures out what needs to be done, tests it, makes sure the solution works and is both affordable and able to be done.

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Only then does he implement it fully. We call that the scientific method. In government, we pass a law, throw money at it and declare the problem solved. Then add more laws, more money, ad infinitum. There is no measure of effectiveness and no feedback whether something works, even though the public may rapidly know something is all fouled up. This is x as bad as the shooting. We need to figure out what measures of school security work, what we can afford, and test those measures, adjusting as necessary.

The founding fathers were sensitive to how quickly a free society could be taken over by tyranny. That is why the Constitution and amendments. Somewhere in South Florida there are hundreds or even dozens of kids who might wonder if they had also said something about the U tube, Instagram and Facebook posts, if maybe the FBI or other law enforcement MIGHT have done more, rather than just the two who did and were somewhat ignored.

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Many schools and MOST urban schools already have a limited number of unlocked entrances with metal detectors and armed guards at the usually single unlocked entrance that must be used to enter the school during the school day. Perhaps the first thing to do is for Congress to repeal the law that prohibits the CDC from studying gun violence as a public health problem and start funding real research into gun violence and gun safety.

Yes, if a person is set on the killing they will find something else to use. But why not take away the ones that kill the most people quickly? And saying the rest of your constitutional rights would be under fire next does not hold water. Look how many people have died and yet any amendments to the second amendment are still ridiculously difficult to get passed.

Thank you for your service. I understand your concerns and appreciate the clarity with which you express them. But the current alternative — other than providing professional armed security — is to leave both teachers and students as defenseless human targets for mad men and lunatics.

And it must be said: These individual school shooters, at least historically, have been as inexperienced at shooting as many of the teachers themselves would be. Many teachers are also military or law enforcement veterans. And we a speaking of a different real-time scenario than that of a military battlefield where there are multiple enemies — shooters with fully automatic AKs — who are frequently behind barriers of various kinds.

Some possibility of resistance and self defense is preferable for our schools even if less than perfect. Further, you mention police who are supposedly highly trained and still have a high incidence of being shot.

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That example seems to be valid at first glance, but that analogy should be probed. Many police academies only require forty hours of firearms training with the actual police departments only requiring semi-annual or annual firearms qualification. Better would be the DEA which provides hours of training.

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Or the FBI firearm and tactical training. Money spent paying teachers for hours of firearm and tactical training in the Summer by the DEA or FBI would be money amazingly well spent. I would suggest they get extra pay if they carry during the academic year. I was from the Vietnam War era. The firearms training for military draftees then does not even come close to what is available today.


That would be infinitely better than the status quo.